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Do you want to speed up your website than others website? This article will tell you how to improve traffic and make faster than you think always. It is possible to make your website No.1 in your field. It is very necessary to understand that why it is important to speed up your website. You can check through a simple example most of users leave the website if is not loaded within 3 or 4 seconds. Most of users are agreed with this. Having fast website is necessary for modern 21st century for improvement and getting traffic on website. Here is no space for slow running website. If your website performing poorly than it is too necessary to work on this at high level and here are various tips for develop the speed of website.

Image types – Images are very important part of your website. Images can become a burden on your website. Properly format images and try to inserting every image’s width and height. Instead of images use CSS Whenever it is possible. You can combine multiple styles sheets in one. By Dynamic drives you can easily optimize animated Gif’s, Jpgs and Pngs so they can load easily as fast possible. Combine 5 images in one CSS sprit is the right and best way to speed up the website.
Keep in mind it always that you are never going wrong by making your website faster and faster. Sale and traffic will never decrease on your website.

Load time – Load time of a website is correlated with the demand made on the server to load website. The website takes time for loading size of huge images. It takes time for loading CSS files, loading scripts, loading images and other types of files. Our goal is to make the website as fast as possible and we can make through adjustment the coding, images and layouts of our website. HTML, Java script, CSS all can be compressed to speed up their website loading time. Combine CSS and JavaScript’s files can reduce a websites loading time.

Cache your wordpress Blog – Caching system make your website much faster and responsive. WP – cache is extremely expensive wordpress blog.

Page Speed Suggestion – Get your page speed score and use page speed suggestion. This is an online tool to make your website much faster. Always put CSS in the top and under of the tag before any JS file.

Readymade properties - Delete unwanted or unnecessary files. In website many times we use many types prepared style sheets and sliders. These styles sheets have many of unwanted items. So we have to delete these CSS files and classes which are effectual. Use “Dust me selector” by clicking this tool it will automatically show the unused items and clean them. After this process it will help to improve your website speed.

Minify CSS – Minify CSS means remove all SEMICOLONS, PX, LINES BREAK, WHITE SPACE for minimize the size and number of lines code. You never try this process manually because it is too time consuming. Use this tool it is too easy just copy CSS files code and paste in it and get results.

JS files – Put JS files in bottom of the page because behind it we have lots of benefits like firstly the pages will downloaded and after that the effects. Some users try to use the latest version of the JS but both old and new both versions are same in working. Try to use only “min” version of JS files. We can optimize the js files and we can apply this process in CSS files and same in JavaScript.

Cookies free domains – Biennial to keep the cookie size small as possible as. Fast delivery of files use content delivery files. When a browser request statics and send the cookies and the server ignore the cookies. These cookies are the unnecessary network traffic. Here you have to avoid Google maps and Facebook like button.

Minimize HTTP request – According to yahoo 80 to 85 percent webpage take more load time cause of images, stylesheets and Scripts. We can say an HTTP request is all in one. The great idea instead of images uses CSS.

Server response time – For speed up your website you have try to reduce server response time. The actual timing of server response time should be less than 200milliseconds. These tips can speed up your website and it will beneficial for yourself and website.

Images – Images play very important role in the speed up of website. Oversize images take long and long time for loading. But for speed up the website you have to keep image size small as it is possible and other you can use image editing tools. Thus follow these rules and get best results.


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