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Tips how to improve website conversion rate and generate leads

What is conversion rate?
Measurement or number of the potential customers which buy something from your website is the conversion rate. We can say that this is the percentage of the customers that make a purchase. Conversion is the structure to improve the website performance. The average conversion rate of a website is 3% CEO is the rate of your customers so conversion rate is the percentage of your website visitor so if you improve this rate then you improve your revenue.

Make user’s life easy – You should make user’s life easy and make website well designed and keep in mind that your main motive is to provide best facility for sailing anything by your website. Today’s user never like to go to market for purchasing.

Web Accessibility – Practice of removing the barriers that prevent access to website by people with disabilities. The web is designed for all people. It is necessary that the web be accessible in order to provide Equal access to people. Well designed websites can be used by people. Web accessibility is the practice to removing barriers. Website should be correctly designed, well developed and edited for all types of users.

Adding a chat option or button – Approximately all visitors before purchasing something from your website like to chat or ask related to product. so install a chat option for getting more and more visitors on your website because they don’t like to purchase or call directly.

Try to identify the unique selling proposition – Identify unique selling proposition can increase your website conversion rate. You should have strong selling points of your products or services. You should test all USP’s ads in your site and social media to sketch out to know about which of these improve your conversion.

Use social voices for increase conversion rate – For increasing conversion rate you should try to analyzing customer conversation and get reviews through this process about your product’s strength and weakness. For increasing conversion rate address these issues in promotional content.

Provide facility at the right time -  When any visitor enquire about anything via chat option give answer at the right time never ignore it or delay because this facility can increase your conversion rate. Give response to the visitor at the right time is a good way to increase visitors on your website or conversion rate.

Make easy way for sharing – people want to share latest information with their friends or relatives so should make a simple way to share a page via social networks – emails. Let’s try to give them information about it.

Try to reach each person – How people order through your website. This is the main thing to know try this to understand how they are connected with you via phone, fax or catalog? Make an easiest way for connecting with more people and increasing conversion rate.

Add an option for Review – Add an option for read and leave reviews for ratings for products. You can also consider a coupon scheme and reward for completing the review form. Through this you can improve your products quality.

Mention offers and coupons – If you have any discount or offer then explain it in home page of the website because of good looking and attractiveness. You always try to make special your website and unique from other websites.

Write attractive content – To make your website unique try to use catchy words because it’s very important for every website because outlook is and well designed site can gather lots of visitors on website and automatically conversion rate. Other ways are capitalize, bold or underline.

Boldness – Boldness is the way of gathering people on your website. Just try to make the words more bold which can help the visitor for buying or purchasing. What happen is any buyer decide to buy any product but they don’t found the buy now button this is very bad effect and some users are feel uncomfortable to use the services so this is bad effectual. Design not only button but also button with some text because it is user friendly.

Make user friendly website – Take visitors views that which type of facility they want to provide. This is the great way to increase your websites visitors. You can take help from them that what they want and which type of language they want on your website. Every website is providing different type of qualities but some are usable and some are useless so analyze which types of facilities are useless and check monthly and renew them in new form this can help you in conversion rate.

Call to Action – Now-a-days everything happen fast and fast. Every person’s mentality is changed mean fast they want everything instantly   Instant access, Instant information, instant gratification. It is so easy to visit another website for getting service and buying product so living away from this situation you have to make your website easy and user friendly. Fulfill visitors need which type they want when they are active on your website. It is very best idea for place call to action in various areas of your website.

Media advertisement – Media advertisement can help you broadly in starting or previously it can be very expensive but it is very helpful for website. You can give full page magazine ads, newspaper ads, direct mails, radio ads and T.V. ads it’s very effectual and can help you to increasing your visitors numbers on your website.

Split Testing OR A/B test – The biggest conversion rate come through the A/B testing. A/B testing is two version of website testing. You gave different version to people divided it in two parts. A version and B version and after completing a period of time you have need to compare between A and B version and to see which version gave you most conversion. This is the way to know which version converts better.

Here are various types of test to start with –

•    The headline text
•    The Call to action
•    The number of fields in a form
•    The color scheme
•    The amount of content on page.
•    The size of Image

Add additional options to buy – Some customers like to order through their certain way or option so for this facility you have need to add additional option through them a customer can order easily like by fax or phone and etc.  I f your website providing additional option then which visitor come on your website first time sure he or she will come again.

Good expression – For making good expression of your website you have to minimize your website loading time. Visitor wants to visit your website but your website is taking lots of time to loading. So make change in this quality.

Decide what should on homepage – You can add your services and products list on your websites homepage in categories or subcategories. This is the great idea to divide visitor’s intention in categories or Subcategories. Create a list of products or services for homepage. And you can identify which product is giving you more profit you can put it on the front page and the left side of the page.


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