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Saturday, February 14, 2015


White hat SEO & Black hat SEO

What is white hat SEO?
White hat SEO is utilize techniques and methods to improve the ranking of a website. White hat SEO is known as organic search engine optimization. In white hat SEO work completed in legal way. This is the main and important thing for white hat SEO. To improve your sites position, page rank and click through rate. Search engine submission is the form that will allow you to submit your websites URL in top 20 popular search engines.

o    Search Engine Submission – Search engine submission means submit a website directly to a search engine. Search engine submission is the way to promote your website. Search engine submission is not necessary because the top search engines like – Google, Bing, Open directory and Yandex use Crawlers, Bots and Spiders which can easily find the most Popular search engines and directory for update rank and position of the website.

o    Crawler – First of all you have need to know about it that what is web crawler and how its work on internet. Crawler is a program which visits the websites and read all the pages of website in order to create entries for search engine index OR Crawler is a script which scans the websites pages on internet and create an index or data. We can also call this bots and spider.

o    Bots – A bot is a program that operates as an agent for user or another program or simulates a human activity. Bots are also called Crawlers and spiders which access websites and gather the content for search engine indexes. Bot is a program which can talk with human and give the answers the questions. Now-a-days Bot is largest used in web spidering.

o    Spider – A spider is a program which visits the entire website similarly and collect information for create index for search engines and directories. Spiders are called spider because they can easily visit several of websites in one time. This is the one way to read all websites pages in one time.

o    Backlink – In search engine optimization Backlink is a hyperlink which is connected with back page of your own website. These links are very important for your website popularity. We can also call them inbound link. This is used for improving page rank.

o    PageRank – PageRank is an algorithm for improve Rank on their search engine results. Every website is given search engine PageRank score between 0 to 10. PageRank is the way of measuring the importance of website pages. It is not only the algorithm but also it was the first algorithm used by the company.

Black Hat SEO – Use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus only on search engine optimization not on human audience is called Black hat SEO. Black hat SEO Is mostly used for quick financial return on the website. Some examples of Black Hat SEO – Keyword Stuffing, Invisible text, Cloaking, Doorway pages and Page Swapping. Black Hat SEO does not obey the search engine guidelines.

o    Keyword Stuffing – Keyword stuffing is the practice to load keywords on the webpage. Keyword stuffing occurs with when a web page is over loaded with keywords or repetition of words in Meta tags explains many search engine no longer use these tags. Now –a-days this method is completely outdated and Google no longer gives good ranking to page employing this technique.

o    Doorway Pages – Doorway Pages are the WebPages that are created for web spamming.  Doorway Pages are large sets of poor quality pages where each page is optimized for specific keyword or phrase.

o    Invisible text – Invisible text is putting the list of keywords in white text in hope of attract more search engine spiders. Invisible text is mostly used for attracting the search engines and directories. Black hat SEO is also known as blacklisted or delisted.

o    Cloaking – Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique which gives the content to search engine spider this is different from the user’s browser. Cloaking is the process of presenting different URL’s to human users and search engine.

o    Page Swapping – Page Swapping is the technique to placing one page at site and then after the page attained at a good position, removing it and replacing it with less optimized page. This is all about page swapping.

Gray Hat SEO – Gray hat SEO is more risky than White Hat SEO. The Gray Hat SEO is not similar with Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.  Because the terms and services regarding the issue are unclear. This term began to be used in 1990s. In search engine optimization Gray Hat SEO means community for practitioners.

Monday, February 9, 2015

What is SEO?

What is SEO?
We are living in a world which is full of jargon. SEO is a miniature form of Search Engine Optimization. These three words are rounding around the people but always they cannot understand about it what is SEO.

What is the Meaning of SEO?
Trying to make higher rank in search engine is Search Engine Optimization. For making rank higher you make some changes in your website. Those changes make easier for search engine to understand your website content easily OR Search Engine Optimization is the tactics for getting more and more amounts of visitors on the website. Now this is the question how I can get more amount of visitors. We have great Ideas for keeping up your website. 

Write for people - 
You write only on which type people want means write like you are talking with a people and write that people want to know about. Suppose if someone ask from you a question. You answer it. Well on the internet the same deal.

An example a person starts a company and his company went from being just local company to No. 1 website on the internet. He reaches at this platform by simply answering the questions of the customers on the website of the company. He earns lots of money through this way. It’s only due to that he write down the answer which was asked by the customers.

Think like a human –
Always try to understand that what user want mean user intent. Now you are thinking about it what is user intent? I have an example. One day I went to market want to know about the rates of the car. But I was just gone for looking the car not to buy. The salesmen focus to make his commission. He didn’t try to know our need & wants. If the salesman was intelligent then he can understood that we are in the mode of purchasing car or not but at that evening we were only looking for buying information. Instead we buy a car from a dealer who gives us right information and exact which type we want. so this same thing can happen with you on the website so always try to understand the exact need of visitor and write according to it.
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