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Monday, February 16, 2015


On page SEO – It’s providing good content, good keyword selection and giving appropriate title to every page is on page SEO. Is on page SEO is more important than off page SEO? For keeping your visitors happy you need both pages on page SEO or off page SEO.

Use search engine language – It makes easy sense to start with on page SEO. Search engines are program and they understand a particular language. You should speak search engines language and your motive is understand to the search engine about your website that which type of services are provided here from which search engine can read easily. In different ways or words you can give signal’s to search engine for what about your website. This is the great chance for improving your rank on search engine.

On page SEO according to user choice – Your target is always to provide best facility to your visitors and always keep them happy. Off page SEO can help you to bringing traffic but if off page SEO is not setup correctly then results will be disappointed.

First Step of On Page SEO – Increasing visitors or promoting website is first step of On Page SEO. You need to think that how can you promote your website. You have to make some plans or schemes related to promoting your website. So the first step is to work On Page SEO and after that off page SEO.

Use keyword base URL – Keyword based URL’s are more helpful rather than number based permalinks. Keyword based URL’s help search engine to ranking your website content. This will help your website improving search engine result pages.

Submit sitemap to Search Engine – Submit sitemap to Google for helping search engines to more easily index your site’s content.

Include social media widgets –The bigger and bigger piece of SEO puzzle is social media indicators. Like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Original content - This is the main thing for your website is original content in Images, articles, text, videos, Presentation, Info graphics and comments. Here you can use only original content for website. For best ranking this is the best way. If you post video on your website then try to add some text description and same as if you add image then here it have some need that what the images about. Always post fresh content on website never use copied text for publishing.

Page Titles – Each page of website has unique title through this search engine can understand about it. A page which has a title on page SEO is better than a page title “Index.HTML”

Formatting – For websites good looking every page of the website should have properly formatted. Don’t through the text on the website’s page write readable text for visitors. As well as Images are necessary but try it always that it not increase the loading time of the website and for website always use original images. ALT tag helps to describe search engine about the image. Besides designing the website owners usually forget some basic points which can help in improving website ranking. So these points are very important that improves the ranking of your website.

In the starting of the page giving the keyword is most important for getting hire position in the Google search rank or Search engine optimization. For best describe web page give the Meta keywords and Meta description. Make this sure in your content’s first heading tag always begin with h1 and other subheadings can open with h2, h3 or h4.

Words limit – On a web page the amount of words will be varied according to topic. If you are trying to optimize for keywords then 250 words are rarely recommended. Information web pages almost warrant 450 words. We should not repeat the title tag If you think about Good rank of your website.

Page size – Make sure the page should be according to quality. Always keep in mind that all page elements like images, scripts. If the page is huge then use SOC (Source ordered content) to ensure that text content is the first to load. Images are very beneficial for the website but it should not be more loaded or increasing the time of website loading.

Permanent link – URL’s of the each page is the permanent links. Some are good and some are bad. Less than 255 words are good URL’s. Divide your website pages in different categories to help the users and search from this both can easily find which type of service they want. Navigate your website in a structure way Breadcrumb is important. You should have a sitemap for visiting your website structure on one page.

Internet linking – Internet linking is the way let to tell the search engines about pages of your website. They will find and read the pages and this is the easiest way of get higher ranking on search results. Never use keywords for website’s internal links. Use 7-8 internal links on the page not more then it.

Speed – This matter take very huge part in website ranking. Here we can say that website speed does matter when it comes to SEO and ranking. This is an essential part for page ranking. Google is spending lots of money to make the web faster. Website speed should have more than 90% when it’s checked by Google page speed insights.
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